KGO Solutions database administration experts start by working to fully understand and document your database environment.

This includes: servers, virtual machines, virtual machine hosts, backup locations, restore point objectives, restore time objectives, maintenance plans, and any other individual facets of your organization that are pertinent to database administration. We handle configuration settings, SP and CU installation, upgrades, and migrations.

KGO Solutions database administration experts

You receive an extra layer of security and support with our backup and emergency database administration services.

  • Build backup strategy
  • Implement and monitor jobs
  • Develop RTO & RPO plan
  • Implement remote/cloud-based backups
  • Develop retention policies
  • Implement backup encryption
  • Monitor backup jobs

Our expert database administrators continuously monitor and troubleshoot issues as well as enhance performance and reliability.

  • Analyze overall server performance
  • Work with developers on query performance improvements
  • Implement optimization maintenance plan
  • Employ server best practice configuration settings

We provide full-time operational database administration services from our staff based in the United States. By keeping our support local, your data will only be accessed from within the U.S., which helps maintain your security and compliance requirements. We can also offer SQL development services to fully integrate as a member of your information technology team.

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