Business growth requires accurate insights to make appropriate decisions.

KGO Solutions provides the framework and builds the foundation for delivering visibility from both the 10,000-foot view as well as the 10-foot view.

Business growth requires accurate insights to make appropriate decisions

KGO Solutions delivers real-time operational reporting and dashboards that enable employees and customers to analyze and react to situations as they are happening.

Event-driven analytics take operational analytics to the next level by triggering events and alerts when certain operational thresholds are met. KGO Solutions gives you the tools to help you respond immediately in an automated or semi-automated fashion.

Data warehousing in some form is at the heart of the most complex data analysis projects. KGO Solutions can provide a near real-time data warehouse using either one of our packaged data models or a custom data warehouse solution tailored to your business.

KGO Solutions team members are experts at building KPIs, dashboards, and reports that interact with each other and guide the user to the information they require. We work with a variety of platforms such as Power BI, SQL Server Reporting Services, and Tableau.

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